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Old items and antiques are precious treasures that reflect a particular age or time period. They may be valued for their rarity, unique features, and historical worth. People have always been interested in discovering the significance of such precious pieces, which may be collected for business, pleasure, or educational purposes. But only people who understand the worth of such collectibles can appreciate them. For such people, there are plenty of antiques and collectibles textbooks available. These books aim to share information regarding antiques and collectibles. At ValoreBooks, you can search for and compare prices on these books, finding them at prices you can actually afford.

Value of antiques and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks uncover the worth of the items they discuss, focusing on the historical significance. These books contain a lot of valuable information that may be useful for those who are doing research.

Range of antique and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks cover their subjects from unique angles that include: the methods of preserving these valued items, their origin, the artistic value they represent, and information on how to buy or sell them. These books also cover topics including: learning about the identity and value of antiques and collectibles, tips for buying the right art items, and getting to know the price guides for antiques. In addition to these, you can find information on archaeological collections, marble antiques, precious gems, museum collectibles, classic antiques, Byzantine and early Mediaeval antiques, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese antiques, English pottery, and more.

Purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks
The purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks is to share knowledge on these collections for educational and informational purposes.

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Medaglie Italiane Del Museo Nazionale Del Bargello by Toderi, Fiorenza Vannel, To... ISBN: 9788883046469
Collectible German Animals Value Guide, 1948-1968 by Hockenberry, Dee ISBN: 9780875883373 List Price: $9.95
The Australian Historical Doll Collection by Busch, Gladys, Dillon, Tony ISBN: 9780864390561
Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia by Scott, Sharon ISBN: 9780313347986 List Price: $85.00
Bker Pottry Guide to Britn Vl 1-2 by Clarke, Grahame ISBN: 9780521072496 List Price: $160.00
L. Straus and Sons Richest Cut Glassware by American Cut Glass Associat... ISBN: 9780961872809 List Price: $7.00
Morgantina Studies by Butt, T., Erim, K. T., Grov... ISBN: 9780691040134
Bearers of Memories I, Vol. 1 by Hockenberry, Dee ISBN: 9780875883380 List Price: $5.95
Wow! : An Introduction to Sixty of the Most Fascinating Morgan Dollar Die Varieties Currentl... by Franklin, Robert, Roberts, ... ISBN: 9780692027516 List Price: $39.95
Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware : Large Type Edition by Dittell, Charles ISBN: 9781937183998 List Price: $19.95
2014 Scott United States Pocket Stamp Catalogue by Snee, Charles ISBN: 9780894874871 List Price: $24.99
Roman Imperial Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet, University of Glasgow Pertinax to Aemilian by Robertson, Anne S. ISBN: 9780197133064 List Price: $98.00
Ely Wares (East Anglian Archaeology,) by Paul Spoerry ISBN: 9781904452300 List Price: $40.00
Numismatic Literature 148 by Hoover, Oliver ISBN: 9780897223041
Coin Hoards X : Greek Hoards by Hoover, Oliver, Meadows, An... ISBN: 9780897223157
John Max Wulfing Collection in Washington University by Herbert, Kevin ISBN: 9780897221801 List Price: $20.00
Medal in America by Stahl, Alan M. ISBN: 9780897222761 List Price: $25.00
American Journal Of Numismatics 2003 by Van Alfen, Peter ISBN: 9780897222921 List Price: $40.00
Glass in Canada : The First One Hundred Years by Stevens, Gerald ISBN: 9780871969026 List Price: $39.95
Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia by Highfill, John W., Breen, W... ISBN: 9780962990007 List Price: $100.00
American Journal of Numismatics by UTE Wartenberg Staff ISBN: 9780897222907 List Price: $40.00
Catalogue of Ancient Near Eastern Seals in the Ashmolean Museum The Iron Age Stamp Seals/C.1... by Buchanan, Briggs, Moorey, P... ISBN: 9780198134046 List Price: $130.00
Content Family Collection of Ancient Cameos by Henig, Martin, Content, Der... ISBN: 9780935681017 List Price: $88.50
Finland: The Color and Printing Identification of the 1875 Issues : A New Approach by Oesch, Herbert, Aro, Kauko ... ISBN: 9780936493176 List Price: $85.00
Finland Vol. I : The Color and Printing Identification of the 1875 Issues: A New Approach by Oesch, Herbert, Aro, Kauko ... ISBN: 9780936493152 List Price: $40.00
Finland: The Color and Printing Identification of the 1875 Issues : A New Approach by Oesch, Herbert, Aro, Kauko I. ISBN: 9780936493169 List Price: $50.00
Dressing the Historical Teddy Bear by Lile, Sheila ISBN: 9780875883328 List Price: $5.95
ABCs of Doll Collecting - John C. Schweitzer - Library Binding by Schweitzer, John C. ISBN: 9780809575497 List Price: $30.00
Mnemata by Metcalf, William E. ISBN: 9780897222433
Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles by Talvio, Tuukka ISBN: 9780197259795 List Price: $55.00
Dolls Tell the Story by Gronhovd, Dee H., Steinkueh... ISBN: 9780318379180 List Price: $21.95
Dolls Tell the Story by Gronhovd, Dee H., Steinkueh... ISBN: 9780318379197 List Price: $15.95
Stamps of Alderney by Picton Publishing Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780948251337
Hedwig Glasses - A Survey by Allen, Francis N. ISBN: 9780962004216 List Price: $11.00
Universal Stamping Machine Company : Machines and Postal Markings, 1909-1920 by Morris, Reg, Payne, Robert ... ISBN: 9780962148101 List Price: $7.00
Comprehensive U. S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia by Highfill, John W., Breen, W... ISBN: 9780962990014
Comprehensive Encyclopedia of United States Seated Liberty Quarters by Briggs, Larry, Smith, Harry ISBN: 9780963166708 List Price: $39.95
Scottish East Coast Potteries, 1750-1840 by McVeigh, Patrick ISBN: 9780859760386 List Price: $60.00
Catalogue of Glass Vessels in Afyon Museum by Lightfoot, C.S., Fyon Museu... ISBN: 9780860546757
Russian Samovar by Collet's Holdings, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780897718912
Assay Office and Silversmiths of York 1776-1858 by Gubbins, Martin ISBN: 9780900657702
Nantgarw Porcelain Album by John, W. D., Coombes, G. J.... ISBN: 9780905928159 List Price: $295.00
Scandinavian Revenue Stamps : Denmark by Poulsen, Peter, Nelson, Pau... ISBN: 9780929850009 List Price: $14.00
Humberside Medieval Pottery (Bar International) by Hayfield, Colin ISBN: 9780860543336 List Price: $105.00
The Shield Five Cent Series by Fletcher, Edward L., Jr. ISBN: 9780964245112 List Price: $37.00
Large Black Sport Watch Premium by Unknown ISBN: 9780132573542
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