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From conspiracy theories to children's studies, you might be surprised at the range of text books available in this area. When you buy cheap social science textbooks from Valore Books, you get the chance to delve into literally thousands of pre-owned text books. In fact our collection has expanded to include hundreds of thousands of books, any one of which could make a real difference to your college course. Look out for Sociology: A Brief Introduction; Racial and Ethnic Groups; Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences; and Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity. Discounted prices are commonplace for these and thousands of other pre-owned books. Whatever you want to buy and whichever area of this topic you need books on, you can rent cheap social science textbooks here today. Our service couldn't be easier to use. If this is the first time you have been here, make sure you come back again soon!

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Limbo Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams by Lubrano, Alfred ISBN: 9780471263760 List Price: $45.00
World Of Myths by Fernández-Armesto, Felipe ISBN: 9780292706071 List Price: $35.00
Letter to My Daughter by Angelou, Maya ISBN: 9781400066124
Confronting Change, Challenging Tradition: Women in Latin American History, Vol. 7 by Yeager, Gertrude M. ISBN: 9780842024808 List Price: $30.95
Getting Together A Guide for Good Groups by Griffin, Emory A. ISBN: 9780877843900 List Price: $21.00
Ecofeminism by Mies, Maria, Shiva, Vandana ISBN: 9781856491563 List Price: $32.95
Urban World by Palen, J. John ISBN: 9781594513381 List Price: $99.95
Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement by Redfern, Catherine, Aune, K... ISBN: 9781848133952 List Price: $22.95
Understanding Popular Culture by Fiske, John ISBN: 9780044454397 List Price: $14.95
Inequality Matters The Growing Economic Divide In America And Its Poisonous Consequences by Lardner, Jim, Moyers, Bill,... ISBN: 9781565849952 List Price: $25.95
Gilgamesh A New English Version by Mitchell, Stephen, Mitchell... ISBN: 9780743261692 List Price: $15.00
Mythology : Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Hamilton, Edith ISBN: 9780446574754 List Price: $10.00
Gatherings in Diaspora Religious Communities and the New Immigration by Warner, R. Stephen, Wittner... ISBN: 9781566396141 List Price: $34.95
Civic Revolutionaries Igniting the Passion for Change in America's Communities by Henton, Douglas, Melville, ... ISBN: 9780787963934 List Price: $33.00
White Teachers / Diverse Classrooms A Guide to Building Inclusive Schools, Promoting High Ex... by Lewis, Chance W., Landsman,... ISBN: 9781579221478 List Price: $24.95
Blues People Negro Music in White America by Baraka, Amiri, Jones, LeRoi ISBN: 9780688184742 List Price: $13.99
Business As a Calling Work and the Examined Life by Novak, Michael ISBN: 9780684827483 List Price: $25.95
Suspect Relations Sex, Race, and Resistance in Colonial North Carolina by Fischer, Kirsten ISBN: 9780801486791 List Price: $22.95
Students Against Sweatshops by United Students Against Swe... ISBN: 9781859843024 List Price: $15.00
Latino Studies Reader Culture, Economy, and Society by Darder, Antonia, Torres, Ro... ISBN: 9781557869876 List Price: $57.95
Rural People and Communities in the 21st Century: Resilience and Transformation by Brown, David L., Schafft, K... ISBN: 9780745641287 List Price: $26.95
Engaging Cultural Differences The Multicultural Challenge in Liberal Democracies by Shweder, Richard A., Minow,... ISBN: 9780871547958 List Price: $22.95
The Limits of Power by Bacevich, Andrew J. ISBN: 9780805088151 List Price: $24.00
Navajo Political Experience by Wilkins, David E. ISBN: 9780742523999 List Price: $39.95
The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Moore, Wes, Smiley, Tavis ISBN: 9780385528191 List Price: $25.00
Presence of the Past Popular Uses of History in American Life by Rosenzweig, Roy, Thelen, David ISBN: 9780231111492 List Price: $27.50
Islands in the Street Gangs and American Urban Society by Jankowski, Martin S. ISBN: 9780520074347 List Price: $29.95
Public Opinion by Glynn, Carroll, Herbst, Sus... ISBN: 9780813341729 List Price: $49.00
Measure of America, 2010-2011 : Mapping Risks and Resilience by Lewis, Kristen, Burd-Sharps... ISBN: 9780814783801 List Price: $24.95
Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and how We Can Save Them by Garbarino, James ISBN: 9780684859088 List Price: $25.00
Journey through Greek Mythology by Cyrino, Monica ISBN: 9780757548710 List Price: $49.26
Searching for the Bright Path by Carson, James Taylor, Carso... ISBN: 9780803264175 List Price: $29.95
Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture by Baker, Lee ISBN: 9780822346982 List Price: $23.95
Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work by Crawford, Matthew B. ISBN: 9781594202230 List Price: $25.95
Worlds of Pain Life in the Working-Class Family by Rubin, Lillian B. ISBN: 9780465092482 List Price: $22.50
Asian Americans in Class Charting the Achievement Gap Among Korean American Youth by Lew, Jamie, Anyon, Jean ISBN: 9780807746936 List Price: $25.95
Rising Tide Gender Equality and Cultural Change Around the World by Inglehart, Ronald, Norris, ... ISBN: 9780521529501 List Price: $30.99
Crazy February Death and Life in the Mayan Highlands by Wilson, Carter ISBN: 9780520023994 List Price: $24.95
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