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Would you believe us if we revealed we had more than one hundred thousand books on political science? You should, because this is exactly the size of collection you're looking at here. You can buy cheap political science textbooks on topics such as globalization, civics and citizenship, economic conditions and public policy, depending on your needs. With affordable prices attached to all our books it couldn't be easier to rent cheap political science textbooks if the need should arise. These books include titles such as Nickel and Dimed On (Not) Getting By in America; Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics; Government and Politics in the Lone Star State; and Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties and Justice. You can sell your political science books back whenever you like and earn money for doing so. This makes our collection even bigger and gives you another reason to come back to us.

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Welfare Reform and Its Long Term Consequences for America's Poor by Ziliak, James P. ISBN: 9780521764254 List Price: $93.00
Taking Sides Clashing Views On Controversial Global Issues by Lombardi, Mark, Harf, James E. ISBN: 9780073111636
Mcgraw-Hill Homeland Security Handbook by Kamien, David G., Kamien, D... ISBN: 9780071446655 List Price: $110.00
Developing World 06/07 by Griffiths, Robert J. ISBN: 9780073209647
Taking Sides Clashing Views in World Politics by Rourke, John T. ISBN: 9780073397207 List Price: $35.50
Understanding Generalist Practice With Socialworknow? And Infotrac by Kirst-Ashman, Karen K., Hul... ISBN: 9780495171812 List Price: $125.95
American Government 06/07 by Unknown ISBN: 9780073515991 List Price: $28.40
Politics And Change in the Middle East Sources of Conflict And Accommodation by Andersen, Roy R., Wagner, J... ISBN: 9780131753778 List Price: $81.80
Government and Politics of the European Union by Nugent, Neill ISBN: 9780822329930 List Price: $27.95
Understanding The European Union A Concise Introduction by McCormick, John ISBN: 9781403944511 List Price: $31.95
Environmental Politics and Policy by Rosenbaum ISBN: 9780872894402 List Price: $51.95
Global Gender Issues by Peterson, Spike, Runyan, An... ISBN: 9780813313108 List Price: $21.00
Irony Of Democracy An Uncommon Introduction To American Politics by Dye, Thomas R., Zeigler, Ha... ISBN: 9780534601669 List Price: $37.95
Latin American Politics+dev,rev+updated by Wiarda, Howard J., Kline, H... ISBN: 9780813308210 List Price: $30.50
American Government Continuity and Change, Alternate Edition by Sabato, Larry J., O'Connor,... ISBN: 9780205511433 List Price: $115.60
International Relations 2006-2007 by Goldstein, Joshua, Pevehous... ISBN: 9780321434319 List Price: $68.40
Comparative Politics Today A World View by Almond, Gabriel A., Dalton,... ISBN: 9780321350992 List Price: $112.60
VOICES OF DISSENT (P) by Grover, William F., Peschek... ISBN: 9780321078391 List Price: $30.75
Challenge of Democracy-text Only by Janda, K. ISBN: 9780395708828 List Price: $44.67
Labor of Development Workers and the Transformation of Capitalism in Kerala, India by Heller, Patrick ISBN: 9780801435904 List Price: $78.50
Parties+elections in America by Maisel, L. Sandy ISBN: 9780847685493 List Price: $37.50
Political Patterns in America: Conflict Representation and Resolution by Nimmo, Dan, Ungs, Thomas ISBN: 9780716710097 List Price: $20.95
Political Parties in American Society by Eldersveld, Samuel J. ISBN: 9780465059355 List Price: $30.00
American Government Practice Tests by Hoy, Kate, Volkomer, Walter E. ISBN: 9780132211093
Book of the States 2007 by Council of State Government... ISBN: 9780872928398 List Price: $99.00
Public Personnel Administration in the United States by Cayer, N. Joseph ISBN: 9780312116118 List Price: $43.95
The Case for Congress by Hansen, Victor, Friedman, L... ISBN: 9780754675600 List Price: $89.95
Ireland and the European Union by Laffan, Brigid, O'Mahony, Jane ISBN: 9781403949288
Understanding Regulation: Theory, Strategy, and Practice by Baldwin, Robert, Cave, Mart... ISBN: 9780199576098 List Price: $50.00
Social Contract and the First and Second Discourses And, the First and Second Discourses by Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Dun... ISBN: 9780300091410 List Price: $15.95
Miracle, a Universe Settling Accounts With Torturers by Weschler, Lawrence ISBN: 9780226893945 List Price: $18.00
unSpun Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation by Jamieson, Kathleen Hall, Ja... ISBN: 9781400065660 List Price: $14.00
How Democratic Is the American Constitution? by Dahl, Robert A. ISBN: 9780300095241 List Price: $15.00
Bill of Rights Creation and Reconstruction by Amar, Akhil R. ISBN: 9780300082777 List Price: $19.95
International Business Theory and Practice by Ajami, Riad A., Cool, Karel... ISBN: 9780765617804 List Price: $119.95
First They Killed My Father A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers by Ung, Loung ISBN: 9780060856267 List Price: $13.99
Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa by Moyo, Dambisa, Ferguson, Niall ISBN: 9780374532123 List Price: $14.00
The Struggle for Black Equality: 25th-Anniversary Edition by Sitkoff, Harvard, Franklin,... ISBN: 9780809089246 List Price: $16.00
True Enough by Manjoo, Farhad ISBN: 9780470050101 List Price: $25.95
Better Together Restoring the American Community by Putnam, Robert D., Feldstei... ISBN: 9780743235471 List Price: $15.00
Readings in Planning Theory by Campbell, Scott, Fainstein,... ISBN: 9781444330809 List Price: $59.95
The Prince: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) by Machiavelli, Niccolo, Parks... ISBN: 9780143105862 List Price: $13.00
Becoming an Urban Planner: A Guide to Careers in Planning and Urban Design by Bayer, Michael, Frank, Nanc... ISBN: 9780470278635 List Price: $39.95
Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties, and Justice, 7th Edition by Epstein, Lee, Walker, Thomas ISBN: 9781604265156 List Price: $94.95
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