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From the business aspects of the profession to film and video and everything beyond, we make it easy to study the arts. You can buy used performing arts textbooks that make light work of discovering the ins and outs of this area. Buy books such as Philosophy Through Film; America on Film: Representing Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality at the Movies; and DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Large Sensor Video. There are many other discounted text books among our collection as well, each one offering a small window onto a particular area of this topic. Whenever you rent used performing arts textbooks you can read the books for a semester or alternatively for a quarter before returning them to us. Whatever you do you will be able to benefit from the cheapest prices that can take as much as 99% off the usual amount you'd pay for brand new books.

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Mexicana Encounters The Making of Social Identities on the Borderlands by Fregoso, Rosa Linda ISBN: 9780520238909 List Price: $26.95
Creative Filmmaking From the Inside Out Five Keys to the Art of Making Inspired Movies and ... by Dannenbaum, Jed, Hodge, Car... ISBN: 9780743223195 List Price: $17.95
Acting Together : Volume II: Building Just and Inclusive Communities by Cohen, Cynthia E., Varea, R... ISBN: 9781613320006 List Price: $21.95
Acting Together : Volume I: Resistance and Reconciliation in Regions of Violence by Cohen, Cynthia E., Varea, R... ISBN: 9780981559391
French Cinema From Its Beginnings to the Present by Lanzoni, Remi Fournier ISBN: 9780826416001 List Price: $29.95
News That Matters Television and American Opinion by Iyengar, Shanto, Kinder, Do... ISBN: 9780226388571 List Price: $17.00
Movies And Methods by Nichols, Bill ISBN: 9780520031517 List Price: $36.95
Vagabond Stars A World History of Yiddish Theater by Sandrow, Nahma ISBN: 9780815603290 List Price: $19.95
Winning Monologs for Young Actors 65 Honest-To-Life Characterizations to Delight Young Actor... by Kehret, Peg, Zapel, Arthur ... ISBN: 9780916260385 List Price: $15.95
On The Waterfront by Braudy, Leo ISBN: 9781844570720 List Price: $14.95
Film and Theory An Anthology by Miller, Toby, Stam, Robert ISBN: 9780631206262 List Price: $70.95
The Videomaker Guide to Video Production by O'Rourke, Jennifer, Montgom... ISBN: 9780240809687 List Price: $24.95
Networks of Power Corporate T.V.'s Threat to Democracy by Mazzocco, Dennis W., Schill... ISBN: 9780896084728 List Price: $14.00
Acting the Song by Bergman, Allison, Moore, Tr... ISBN: 9781581155051 List Price: $24.95
Mindfreak by Angel, Criss, Morton, Laura ISBN: 9780061137624 List Price: $14.99
Film Studies--the Essentials: A Teach Yourself Guide by Buckland, Warren ISBN: 9780071747721 List Price: $15.00
Beautiful Fighting Girl by Tamaki, Saito, Vincent, J. ... ISBN: 9780816654512 List Price: $19.95
Local Women Global Science Fighting AIDS in Kenya by Goulding, Daniel J., Harsha... ISBN: 9780253215642 List Price: $19.95
American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film by McCrisken, Trevor B., Peppe... ISBN: 9780813536217 List Price: $24.95
Ifp/Los Angeles Independent Filmmaker's Manual by Wurmfeld, Eden H., Laloggia... ISBN: 9780240805856 List Price: $56.95
Making Things Perfectly Queer Interpreting Mass Culture by Doty, Alexander ISBN: 9780816622450 List Price: $18.50
Voice & Vision A Creative Approach to Narrative Film and Dv Production by Hurbis-Cherrier, Mick, Merc... ISBN: 9780240807737 List Price: $51.95
Creative Storytelling by Maguire, Jack, Gottlieb, Dale ISBN: 9780938756354 List Price: $15.95
Stage Design A Practical Guide by Thorne, Gary, Moiseiwitsch,... ISBN: 9781861262578 List Price: $32.95
Electronic Hearth Creating an American Television Culture by Tichi, Cecelia ISBN: 9780195079142 List Price: $34.99
Nazi Cinema As Enchantment The Politics of Entertainment in the Third Reich by O'Brien, Mary-Elizabeth ISBN: 9781571133342 List Price: $29.95
Hollywood's America: Twentieth-Century America Through Film by Mintz, Steven, Roberts, Ran... ISBN: 9781405190039 List Price: $41.95
Created And Produced By Total Television Productions by Arnold, Mark ISBN: 9781593933456 List Price: $29.95
Stage Management Handbook by Ionazzi, Daniel A. ISBN: 9781558702356 List Price: $22.99
Contemporary World Cinema Europe, the Middle East, East Asia And South Asia by Chaudhuri, Shohini ISBN: 9780748617999 List Price: $34.00
Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard by Brody, Richard ISBN: 9780805080155 List Price: $20.00
Performance Studies Reader by Bial, Henry ISBN: 9780415772754 List Price: $50.95
In the Blink of an Eye Revised 2nd Edition by Murch, Walter, Murch, Walte... ISBN: 9781879505629 List Price: $13.95
Making a Good Script Great: A Guide for Writing and Rewriting by Seger, Linda ISBN: 9781935247012 List Price: $14.95
Crafty TV Writing Thinking Inside the Box by Epstein, Alex ISBN: 9780805080285 List Price: $16.00
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