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From acupuncture to allied health services and nutrition to nursing home care, our collection of books on the medical subjects is open for consideration. If you have a tight budget (and let's face it, all college students do) you can buy cheap medical textbooks that will help you progress through your course. Make sure you have access to discounted text books by looking for the titles you need via the search box. Alternatively simply select the sub-topic that is of interest and look for a chance to rent cheap medical textbooks as well. You can also sell your medical books back if you find some of them are of no further use to you. It all depends on what you want to do and how much you need them. Either way, we will always have a discounted selection of pre-owned books here for you to enjoy and take full advantage of.

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Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting (Ophthalmic technical skills series) by Williams, Bernice, Wolfe, C... ISBN: 9781556420290 List Price: $37.00
E. C. Rosenow (1875-1966) & Associates -- A Reference Manual by Shakman, S. Hale ISBN: 9781892506009 List Price: $29.95
3-Minute Miracle Facelift by Diane: Look up to 20 years younger with no surgery, implants or... by Burton, Diane, Adams, Danielle ISBN: 9781449931353 List Price: $16.99
Progress in Chemical Toxicology: v. 5 by Stolman, A. ISBN: 9780125365055
The Warsaw Colloquium on Instrumental Conditioning and Brain Research by Zernicki, Boguslaw, Zielins... ISBN: 9789024724123 List Price: $405.50
Year Book of Critical Care Medicine 2011 (Year Books) by Dellinger, R. Phillip ISBN: 9780323084093 List Price: $159.00
Vascular Anomalies, An Issue of Clinics in Plastic Surgery (The Clinics: Surgery) by Perlyn, Chad, Greene, Arin ISBN: 9781455704927 List Price: $110.00
Como Matas A Tus Queridos Con la Comida: Y Escapas Con Ello (Spanish Edition) by Stanford, E. ISBN: 9781885778253 List Price: $11.00
Care Staff in Transition by Allen, Peter ISBN: 9780113212095 List Price: $24.00
Leaving Residential Care (Social Science Paperbacks) by Brearley, Paul ISBN: 9780422779302 List Price: $10.95
Strategic Contracting for Health Systems and Services by Perrot, Jean, Roodenbeke, É... ISBN: 9781412814997 List Price: $79.95
Total Skin: The Definitive Guide to Whole Skin Care for Life by Laffell, David J. ISBN: 9780786884001 List Price: $15.95
Obesity: Treatment Juvenile by Mercedes , Rubiano-Vanegas... ISBN: 9781451561111 List Price: $13.95
Special Legal Report for Rbrvs. by Gosfield, Alice ISBN: 9781563370243 List Price: $49.95
Cardiac Mechanotransduction by Weckström, Matti, Tavi, Pasi ISBN: 9781441923738 List Price: $139.00
Health Law Handbook (Health Law Series) by Gosfield, Alice G. ISBN: 9780876326350 List Price: $55.00
Vaccines, New Concepts and Developments: Proceedings of the 10th International Convocation o... by Kohler, Heinz, LoVerde, Phi... ISBN: 9780470208885 List Price: $227.00
1986 computer conference software directory for communication sciences and disorders by Schwartz, Arthur H. ISBN: 9780910329354 List Price: $15.00
Blood Transfusion Therapy: Data Card Set of 10 by Triulzi, Darrell J. ISBN: 9783805575140 List Price: $33.09
Romantic Sobriety: Sensation, Revolution, Commodification, History by Wang, Orrin Nan Chung ISBN: 9781421400662 List Price: $75.00
Schistosomiasis III: Abstracts of the complete literature, 1963-1974 by Warren, Kenneth S., Hoffman... ISBN: 9780891160274
Therapeutic Gastrointestinal Endoscopy by Silvis, Stephen E. ISBN: 9780896401679 List Price: $115.00
Cephalosporins in the Treatment of Severe Infections, 3rd Generation (Chemotherapy) by Scheld, W. Michael, Hell, K... ISBN: 9783805551496 List Price: $48.00
Emergency War Surgery by Army Medical Center, Borden... ISBN: 9780615446042 List Price: $19.95
Visual Rehabilitation: 101 Techniques (IV) by Pazell, Sara ISBN: 9781581110746 List Price: $15.00
Nursing Administration and Law Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9780871890504 List Price: $199.95
Emergency Medicine: Diagnosis and Management by Brown, Anthony F. T., Cadog... ISBN: 9781444120134 List Price: $49.95
How Fast Is Fertility Declining in Botswana and Zimbabwe (World Bank Discussion Paper) (No 258) by Duncan, Thomas, Muvandi, Ityai ISBN: 9780821329931 List Price: $22.00
Comparative Physiology of the Brain and Comparative Psychology by Loeb, Jacques ISBN: 9781149149249 List Price: $30.75
Tuberculosis among Certain Indian Tribes of the United States by Hrdlicka, Ales ISBN: 9781141018598 List Price: $18.75
Understanding ICD-9-CM Coding : A Worktext by Bowie, Mary Jo, Schaffer, R... ISBN: 9781111196066
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