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Criminal Courts for the 21st Century by Stolzenberg, Lisa, D'Alessi... ISBN: 9781451509663 List Price: $55.00
By the Sweat of My Tongue : Profiles in Prosecution by Harmon, Mel ISBN: 9781452063430
By the Sweat of My Tongue : Profiles in Prosecution by Harmon, Mel ISBN: 9781452063454
EU Procedural Rights in Criminal Proceedings by de Vocht, D., Spronken, T.,... ISBN: 9789046603178
Effective Criminal Defence in Europe by Cape, Ed, Namoradze, Zaza, ... ISBN: 9789400000933
International Criminal Justice : Theoretical and Legal Perspectives by Andreopoulos, George, Barbe... ISBN: 9781441911018 List Price: $129.00
Plea Barganing Across Borders: Criminal Procedure (Law Across Borders) by Turner, Jenia I. ISBN: 9780735575714 List Price: $37.50
Criminal Procedure Law : Principles, Rules and Practices by Assefa, Simeneh Kiros ISBN: 9781450014519 List Price: $23.99
When Falsely Accused : Little Lies That carry no truth... and Time by Kincade, J. W. ISBN: 9781467921244 List Price: $14.00
International Criminal Justice : Law and Practice from the Rome Statute to Its Review by Bellelli, Roberto ISBN: 9781409402688 List Price: $165.00
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board Report and Accounts for the Year Ended 31 March 1999, 3... by Carlisle of Bucklow, Mark C... ISBN: 9780101467124 List Price: $20.00
Modern Criminal Procedure and Basic Criminal Procedure by Kamisar, Yale, Israel, Jero... ISBN: 9780314044181 List Price: $11.50
Criminal Procedure by Kaci, Judy H. ISBN: 9780942728521 List Price: $34.95
Oakes' Criminal Practice Guide by Oakes, Richard T. ISBN: 9781559571937
Maryland Criminal Law Practice and Procedure by Gilbert, Richard P., Moylan... ISBN: 9780872156180 List Price: $65.00
CrunchTime Criminal Procedure by Emanuel, Steven ISBN: 9780735578913 List Price: $32.95
Introduction to the Law of International Criminal Tribunals A Comparative Study by Knoops, Geert Jan ISBN: 9781571053107 List Price: $29.50
Criminal Procedure Examples & Explanations by Bloom, Robert M., Brodin, M... ISBN: 9780735539686 List Price: $38.95
Criminal Procedure by Dressler, Joshua, Tene, Pet... ISBN: 9780874571844 List Price: $28.95
Indictable Appeals in British Columbia by Bennett, Elizabeth A. ISBN: 9780459547561 List Price: $42.00
Criminal Procedure: A Contemporary Perspective by Acker ISBN: 9781449628956 List Price: $141.95
Essay Examination Writing Workbook: Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Corporations by Fleming, Jeff Alan, Sneidmi... ISBN: 9781932440485 List Price: $30.00
Criminal Procedure, Vol. 5 by LaFave, Wayne R., Israel, J... ISBN: 9780314792792
Prosecuting and Defending Health Care Fraud Cases, 2nd Edition by Loucks, Michael K., Lam, Ca... ISBN: 9781570189098 List Price: $400.00
Constitutional Protection of Human Rights in Latin America: A Comparative Study of Amparo Pr... by Brewer-Carias, Allan-Randol... ISBN: 9780521492027 List Price: $99.00
Between Conviction and Sentence by Shapland, Joanna ISBN: 9780710009456 List Price: $28.95
International Criminal Practice The International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the In... by Jones, John R. W D., Powles... ISBN: 9781571052292 List Price: $165.00
Emanuel Law Outlines by Emanuel, Steven L. ISBN: 9780735558199 List Price: $35.95
Procedures in the Justice System by Roberson, Cliff, Wallace, H... ISBN: 9780131735903 List Price: $131.00
Criminal Procedure II From Bail To Jail by Singer, Richard G. ISBN: 9780735550636 List Price: $38.95
Criminal Procedure by LaFave, Wayne R., Israel, J... ISBN: 9780314152114 List Price: $58.50
Genetic Justice : DNA Data Banks, Criminal Investigations, and Civil Liberties by Krimsky, Sheldon, Simoncell... ISBN: 9780231517805
Blackstone's Guide to the Criminal Procedure Rules by Atkinson, Duncan, Moloney Q... ISBN: 9780199588701 List Price: $110.00
Kaplan PMBR FINALS: Criminal Procedure: Core Concepts and Key Questions by Palmer, Steven H., Kaplan P... ISBN: 9781607140955 List Price: $26.95
Crunchtime by Emanuel, Steven L. ISBN: 9780735563018 List Price: $29.95
Drunk Driving Defense by Taylor, Lawrence ISBN: 9780735511460 List Price: $195.00
Prosecution & Defense of Health Care Fraud Cases by Loucks, Michael K., Lam, Ca... ISBN: 9781570181733 List Price: $295.00
Bail Bond Agent by National Learning Corporation ISBN: 9780837338330 List Price: $29.95
I Can Go Home Again by Powell, Arthur G. ISBN: 9780871523983 List Price: $18.50
Acing Criminal Procedure by Abramson, Leslie W. ISBN: 9780314179579 List Price: $29.00
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