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American Criminal Procedure 2011 : Cases and Commentary by Saltzburg, Stephen A., Capr... ISBN: 9780314274625
Criminal Procedure: 2009 Case & Statutory Supplement by Chemerinsky ISBN: 9780735584921 List Price: $28.50
Modern Criminal Procedure, Basic Criminal Procedure, Advanced Criminal Procedure, 12th Editi... by Kamisar, Yale, LaFave, Wayn... ISBN: 9780314206015 List Price: $29.00
Criminal Procedure: 2010 Case & Statutory Supplement by Chemerinsky ISBN: 9780735590526 List Price: $30.50
Criminal Procedure Investigation And Right To Counsel by Allen, Ronald Jay, Hoffmann... ISBN: 9780735551930 List Price: $124.00
Arbitrary Justice: The Power of the American Prosecutor by Davis, Angela J. ISBN: 9780195384734 List Price: $19.95
Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice Professionals by Klein, Irving J., Morse, Ch... ISBN: 9781889031224 List Price: $79.95
Lafave, Israel, King and Kerr's Hornbook on Criminal Procedure, 5th by LaFave, Wayne, Israel, Jerold ISBN: 9780314199362 List Price: $80.00
Cultural Defense by Renteln, Alison Dundes ISBN: 9780195154030 List Price: $25.00
How Can You Defend Those People? by Sherman, Mickey ISBN: 9781599213736 List Price: $24.95
Criminal Litigation and Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure by Newton, Brent E., National ... ISBN: 9781601560988 List Price: $45.00
Case Studies In Criminal Procedures by Jacobs, Susan ISBN: 9780131700444 List Price: $43.80
Casenote Legal Briefs Criminal Procedure: Keyed to Chemerinsky and Levenson by Casenotes Publishing Co., I... ISBN: 9780735578463 List Price: $36.95
American Criminal Procedure : Investigative by Saltzburg, Stephen A., Capr... ISBN: 9780314199713 List Price: $143.00
Not for Sale Feminists Resisting Prostitution And Pornography by Stark, Christine, Whisnant,... ISBN: 9781876756499 List Price: $24.95
Modern Criminal Procedure, Basic Criminal Procedure, Advanced Criminal Procedure, 12th eds. ... by Kamisar, Yale, LaFave, Wayn... ISBN: 9780314194121 List Price: $24.00
Criminal Procedure: Laying down the Law by Brown, Robyn Scheina ISBN: 9780735573161 List Price: $33.95
False Justice: Eight Myths That Convict the Innocent by Petro, Jim, Petro, Nancy ISBN: 9781607144670 List Price: $24.99
Trial and Error The Education of a Courtroom Lawyer by Tucker, John C. ISBN: 9780786714575 List Price: $14.95
Origins of Adversary Criminal Trial by Langbein, John H. ISBN: 9780199287239 List Price: $55.00
Mapp V. Ohio Guarding Against Unreasonable Searches And Seizures by Long, Carolyn N. ISBN: 9780700614417 List Price: $15.95
Protective Security Law by Inbau, Fred E., Farber, Ber... ISBN: 9780750692793 List Price: $86.95
Criminal Procedure: The Post-Investigative Process: Cases and Materials by Hall, Donald J., Cohen, Nei... ISBN: 9781422423998 List Price: $120.00
Criminal Procedure : Saltzburg and Capra 9E by Casenotes ISBN: 9780735597716 List Price: $40.95
Criminal Law Handbook : Know Your Rights, Survive the System by Bergman, Paul, Berman, Sara ISBN: 9781413316209 List Price: $39.99
The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System by Bergman, Paul, Berman, Sara ISBN: 9781413310535 List Price: $39.99
Saltzburg and Capra's American Criminal Procedure : Adjudicative, 9th by Saltzburg, Stephen A., Capr... ISBN: 9780314199744 List Price: $143.00
Process Is the Punishment Handling Cases in a Lower Criminal Court by Feeley, Malcolm M. ISBN: 9780871542533 List Price: $34.95
Criminal Procedure: Cases, Problems and Exercises, 4th, 2010 Supplement by Weaver, Weaver, Russell L.,... ISBN: 9780314262189 List Price: $30.00
Criminal Procedures : Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials by Miller, Marc, Wright, Ronal... ISBN: 9780735507203 List Price: $224.00
Skills and Values by Kay, Susan L., Cohen, Willi... ISBN: 9781422478431
Cops Across Borders The Internationalization of U.s. Criminal Law Enforcement by Nadelmann, Ethan Avram ISBN: 9780271029207 List Price: $31.95
Felony Justice An Organizational Analysis of Criminal Courts by Eisenstein, James, Jacob, H... ISBN: 9780819180889 List Price: $36.50
Criminal Justice:brief Intro. by Schmalleger, Frank M. ISBN: 9780130887290 List Price: $35.95
Cases on Criminal Procedure by Bloom ISBN: 9780735591929 List Price: $67.95
How to Start a Bail Bond Business and Become a Bail Bondsman by Verrochi, Richard ISBN: 9780978956912 List Price: $29.95
Constitution and Criminal Procedure First Principles by Amar, Akhil R. ISBN: 9780300074888 List Price: $22.00
Leading Constitutional Cases on Criminal Justice 2010 by Weinreb, Lloyd L. ISBN: 9781599418445 List Price: $83.00
Criminal Procedure (Examples & Explanations) by Bloom, Robert M., Brodin, M... ISBN: 9780735513181 List Price: $35.95
Arguments, Stories and Criminal Evidence : A Formal Hybrid Theory by Bex, Floris J. ISBN: 9789400701397 List Price: $139.00
Federal Criminal Code and Rules, 2009 ed. by West ISBN: 9780314990921 List Price: $89.00
American Criminal Procedure, Cases and Commentary, 8th, 2009 Supplement (American Casebooks) by Saltzburg, Stephen A., Capr... ISBN: 9780314206336 List Price: $29.00
Towards an International Criminal Procedure by Safferling, Christoph Johan... ISBN: 9780199264506 List Price: $90.00
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