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Are you good with a pack of cards? Can you make things appear and disappear and amaze others with your seemingly magical skills? If you can't there is still time to make a difference. You can buy cheap magic textbooks from our collection that will make you marvel at the results you'll get. Look for Card College, or New Era Cards Tricks: Magic With Cards, if you want to amaze people with a pack or two. Alternatively, books such as Magic Book: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Anytime, Anywhere, Sleight of Hand Magic will give you the best ways to fool people into believing they have seen something rather special. When you buy magic textbooks online you can avoid paying full price for them all. Instead of doing this you can look for affordable and pre-owned copies that are far better to enjoy. Don't pay full price ever again - come direct to Valore Books instead.

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Coin Magic by Lane, Mike ISBN: 9781615335107
Paper Magic by Lane, Mike ISBN: 9781615335114
Real-World Card Control Magic- the Locators by Evans, Shawn ISBN: 9781463680626 List Price: $16.55
Easy Magic Tricks by Riebe, Wolfgang ISBN: 9781463733612 List Price: $5.00
Magician's Tricks : Once You Know the Magician's Tricks, It's Not Magic Anymore ... by du Plessis, James ISBN: 9781468035476 List Price: $9.99
Card Magic by Lane, Mike ISBN: 9781448867318
Card Magic by Lane, Mike ISBN: 9781615335121
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