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Sci-fi, as it is colloquially known, comes in many different forms. You can read space operas, high tech sci-fi and even military stories. However if you want to buy science fiction textbooks online, the best and cheapest place to come is our website. We can provide you with affordable deals on fiction by the likes of Ray Bradbury, not to mention many other lesser known authors. Look out for titles such as Fahrenheit 451; Ender's Game Special 20th Anniversary Edition; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?; and One Second After. There are hundreds more titles here too in the Valore Books marketplace, so make sure you have the very best opportunities to buy the books you want to read. When you're done you can sell your science fiction books back through our buyback service as well. This is by far the best way to make sure you get all the good deals all the time.

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The Shattered Gate: Book I by Marker, Chris H. ISBN: 9780557016396 List Price: $21.18
The Spark by Renard, Martin, Cozman, Nah... ISBN: 9781935385011 List Price: $12.99
The hanging man by Colson, S. Darnbrook, Semin... ISBN: 9781886988033 List Price: $5.00
Special Abilities by Evans, Jerry ISBN: 9781937004149 List Price: $15.95
Savage Scars by Hoare, Andy ISBN: 9781844165650 List Price: $8.99
Once Upon a Time Traveler: The Reluctant Tourist and the Hitchhiker by Light, Joshua ISBN: 9781439207444 List Price: $17.99
Year's Best Sf Anthology Series : Year's Best Sf 11 by Books LLC Staff ISBN: 9781156230480 List Price: $14.14
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