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Business Analysis by Paul, Debra, Paul, Debra, Y... ISBN: 9781906124618 List Price: $50.99
Business Process Management Workshops: BPM 2009 International Workshops, Ulm, Germany, Septe... by Rinderle-Ma, Stefanie, Sadi... ISBN: 9783642121852 List Price: $131.00
Information Systems Strategic Management An Integrated Approach by Clarke, Steve ISBN: 9780415202787 List Price: $43.95
Management Information Systems, Third Edition by Oz, Effy ISBN: 9780619062507 List Price: $92.95
Agile Information Systems Conceptualization, Construction, And Management by Desouza, Kevin C. ISBN: 9780750682350 List Price: $51.95
IT Manager's Handbook: The Business Edition by Holtsnider, Bill, Jaffe, Br... ISBN: 9780123751102 List Price: $39.95
Business Modeling: A Practical Guide to Realizing Business Value by Bridgeland, David M., Zahav... ISBN: 9780123741516 List Price: $57.95
Management Information Systems for the Information Age by Haag, Stephen, Cummings, Ma... ISBN: 9780073230627 List Price: $171.75
The SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture by Kappelman, Leon ISBN: 9781439811139 List Price: $59.95
Enterprise Integration The Essential Guide to Integration Solutions by Gold-Bernstein, Beth, Ruh, ... ISBN: 9780321223906 List Price: $54.99
Managing Business Complexity Discovering Strategic Solutions With Agent-based Modeling And S... by North, Michael, Macal, Charles ISBN: 9780195172119 List Price: $95.00
Workflow Management Models, Methods, and Systems by Van der Aalst, Wil, van Hee... ISBN: 9780262720465 List Price: $27.00
Essential Guide to Internet Business Technology by Martin, Kipp, Honda, Gail ISBN: 9780130428202 List Price: $34.99
Business Process Management Workshops: BPM 2008 International Workshops, Milano, Italy, Sept... by Ardagna, Danilo, Mecella, M... ISBN: 9783642003271 List Price: $119.00
Principles of the Business Rule Approach by Ross, Ronald G. ISBN: 9780201788938 List Price: $39.99
Legacy Systems Transformation Strategies by Ulrich, William ISBN: 9780130449276 List Price: $44.99
Enterprise Knowledge Management The Data Quality Approach by Loshin, David ISBN: 9780124558403 List Price: $78.95
What Not How The Business Rules Approach to Application Development by Date, C. J. ISBN: 9780201708509 List Price: $34.95
Creating High-tech Teams Practical Guidance On Work Performance And Technology by Bowers, Clint A., Salas, Ed... ISBN: 9781591472742 List Price: $49.95
Dpl 4.0 Professional Decision Analysis Software Academic Version by Unknown ISBN: 9780534353681 List Price: $133.95
Decision Support in the Data Warehouse by Watson, Hugh J., Gray, Paul ISBN: 9780137960798 List Price: $43.50
Selected abstracts in data processing and management information systems by Callahan, Elias R., Shim, Jung ISBN: 9780030083792
Information, Systems and Information Systems Making Sense of the Field by Checkland, Peter B., Holwel... ISBN: 9780471958208 List Price: $70.95
Representing Organization Knowledge, Management, and the Information Age by Lightfoot, Geoff, Lilley, S... ISBN: 9780198775423 List Price: $55.00
Management Information System by Lucey, T. ISBN: 9781844801268 List Price: $47.99
Qualitative Case Studies On Implementation Of Enterprise Wide Systems by Hellens, Liisa von, Nielsen... ISBN: 9781591404477 List Price: $84.95
Database Management Systems-text by Post, Gerald V. ISBN: 9780072471410 List Price: $86.74
It Manager's Handbook Getting Your New Job Done by Holtsnider, Bill, Jaffe, Br... ISBN: 9780123704887 List Price: $60.95
Business Metadata: The Quest for Business Clarity by Fryman, Lowell, Inmon, Will... ISBN: 9780123737267 List Price: $55.95
Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: Implementing Customer Relationship Management by Mathena, Justin, Yetter, Aa... ISBN: 9781430216049 List Price: $59.99
The Design of a Practical Enterprise Safety Management System by Gabbar, Hossam A., Suzuki, ... ISBN: 9789048167531 List Price: $149.00
Strategy Gap Leveraging Information Technology to Create and Execute Winning Strategies by Coveney, Michael, Ganster, ... ISBN: 9780471214502 List Price: $39.95
Enterprise Information Systems: Contemporary Trends and Issues by Olson, David L. ISBN: 9789814273152 List Price: $111.00
Student CD by Heizer, Jay ISBN: 9780131585591
ITIL Capacity Management by Klosterboer, Larry ISBN: 9780137065929 List Price: $39.99
Competitive Information in Small Businesses by Chesney, T. ISBN: 9789048162437 List Price: $124.00
Introduction to Business Information Systems by Huber, Mark W., Piercy, Cra... ISBN: 9780470161111 List Price: $109.95
Technologies for Business Information Systems by Abramowicz, Witold, Mayr, H... ISBN: 9789048174157 List Price: $149.00
Technological Aspects of Virtual Organizations : Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise by Fairchild, Alea M. ISBN: 9789048164776 List Price: $149.00
Enterprise Information Systems IV by Piattini, Mario G., Filipe,... ISBN: 9789048162017 List Price: $138.00
Enterprise Information Systems by Filipe, Joaquim ISBN: 9789048154258 List Price: $146.00
New High-Tech Manager Six Rules for Success in Changing Times by Durham, Kenneth, Kennedy, B... ISBN: 9780890069264 List Price: $85.00
Enterprise Resource Planning Global Opportunities and Challenges by Hossain, Liaquat ISBN: 9781930708365 List Price: $89.95
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