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STACS 87 by Brandenburg, Franz J., Vida... ISBN: 9783540172192 List Price: $45.00
STACS 86 by Monien, B. ISBN: 9783540160786 List Price: $44.95
Semantics of Concurrent Computation by Kahn, G. ISBN: 9783540095118 List Price: $22.00
STACS 85 by Mehlhorn, K. ISBN: 9783540139126 List Price: $35.00
Structures in Logic and Computer Science by Mycielski, Jan, Rozenberg, ... ISBN: 9783540632467 List Price: $74.95
Randomization and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science by Rolim, José D. P. ISBN: 9783540632481 List Price: $64.95
Computer Science Logic, Vol. 7 by Börger, Egon ISBN: 9783540582779 List Price: $69.95
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Computer Science Practice in Arabic by Boularas, Abdelmalek, Jaoua... ISBN: 9781430317364 List Price: $58.90
Recent Trends in Data Type Specification 11th Workshop on Specification of Abstract Data Typ... by Haveraaen, Magne, Owe, Olaf... ISBN: 9783540616290 List Price: $99.00
Self-stabilizing Systems 7th International Symposium, Sss 2005, Barcelona, Spain, October 2005 by Herman, Ted, Tixeuil, Sébas... ISBN: 9783540298144 List Price: $58.00
Stacs 98 15th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, Paris, France, Fe... by Morvan, M., Christophe, M.,... ISBN: 9783540642305 List Price: $98.00
Stacs 97 14th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, Lubeck, Germany, ... by Reischuk, Rüdiger, Morvan, ... ISBN: 9783540626169 List Price: $107.00
Stacs 2006 23rd Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, Marseille, Fran... by Durand, Bruno, Thomas, Wolf... ISBN: 9783540323013 List Price: $129.00
Theory And Applications of Models of Computation Third International Conference, Tamc 2006, ... by Cai, Jin-Yi, Cooper, S. Bar... ISBN: 9783540340218 List Price: $119.00
Theory and Applications of Relational Structures As Knowledge Instruments 2 by Swart, H. C. M de, European... ISBN: 9783540692232 List Price: $74.95
Computing and Combinatorics Second Annual International Conference, Cocoon '96, Hong Kong, J... by Cai, Jin-Yi, Wong, Chak Huen ISBN: 9783540613329 List Price: $89.95
Computer Science Logic 4th Workshop, Csl '90 Heidelberg, Germany, October 1-5, 1990 Proceed... by Borger, E., Buning, H. Klei... ISBN: 9780387544878 List Price: $59.95
Computer Science - Theory And Applications First International Symposium on Computer Science... by Grigoriev, Dima, Harrison, ... ISBN: 9783540341666 List Price: $115.00
Context:Nature, Impact, And Role 5th International Conference on Conceptions of Library And ... by Crestani, Fabio, Ruthven, Ian ISBN: 9783540261780 List Price: $84.95
Deontic Logic And Artificial Normative Systems 8th International Workshop on Deontic Logic i... by Goble, Lou, Meyer, John-Jul... ISBN: 9783540358428 List Price: $69.95
Digital Libraries in Computer Science The Medoc Approach by Barth, Andreas, Breu, M., A... ISBN: 9783540644934 List Price: $64.95
Extending the Horizons Advances in Computing, Optimization, and Decision Technologies by Baker, Edward K., Joseph, A... ISBN: 9780387487908 List Price: $139.00
Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science 17th Conference, Kharagp... by Ramesh, S., Sivakumar, G., ... ISBN: 9783540638766 List Price: $84.95
International E-conference of Computer Science 2006 by Simos, T. E, Psihoyios, G. ISBN: 9789004155923 List Price: $198.00
STACS 2007 24th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, Aachen, Germany... by Thomas, Wolfgang, Weil, Pascal ISBN: 9783540709176 List Price: $129.00
Latin 2006, Theoretical Informatics 7th Latin American Symposium, Valdivia, Chile, March 20-... by Correa, José R., Hevia, Ale... ISBN: 9783540327554 List Price: $119.00
Latin '98 Theoretical Informatics Third Latin American Symposium Campinas, Brazil, April 20... by Lucchesi, C. L., Moura, A. ... ISBN: 9783540642756 List Price: $82.95
New Computational Paradigms First Conference on Computability in Europe, Cie 2005, Amsterdam... by Cooper, Barry S., Löwe, Ben... ISBN: 9783540261797 List Price: $119.00
Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History by Rojas, Raul ISBN: 9781579582357 List Price: $335.00
Engineering Distributed Objects Second International Workshop, Edo 2000, Davis, Ca, Usa, Nov... by Emmerich, Wolfgang, Tai, St... ISBN: 9783540417927 List Price: $74.95
Applications of Graph Transformations With Industrial Relevance International Workshop, Agti... by Agtive 99 Staff, Nagl, Manf... ISBN: 9783540676584 List Price: $99.95
Applications of Categories in Computer Science by Fourman, M. P., Johnstone, ... ISBN: 9780521427265 List Price: $100.00
Automatic Verification of Sequential Infinite-State Processes by Burkart, O. ISBN: 9783540639824 List Price: $52.95
Computer Science Project Work Principles and Pragmatics by Fincher, Sally, Petre, Mari... ISBN: 9781852333577 List Price: $139.00
Computer Science Education in the 21st Century by Greening, Tony ISBN: 9780387988818 List Price: $74.95
Computer Science in Perspective Essays Dedicated to Thomas Ottmann by Klein, Rolf, Six, H. -W, We... ISBN: 9783540005797 List Price: $69.95
Computer Science Logic 16th International Workshop, Csl 2002, 11th Annual Conference of the ... by Bradfield, J. C., European ... ISBN: 9783540442400 List Price: $102.00
Current Trends in Theoretical Computer Science Entering the 21st Century by Rozenberg, G., Paun, G., Sa... ISBN: 9789810244736 List Price: $256.00
Developments in Reliable Computing by Csendes, Tibor ISBN: 9780792360575 List Price: $183.00
Law Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence by Narayanan, Ajit ISBN: 9781871516593 List Price: $24.95
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