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We have books about buying and selling homes, not to mention commercial aspects of properties and mortgages too. Whatever area you want to learn more about, you can buy cheap real estate textbooks directly from Valore Books today. It couldn't be easier to do so because we buy back real estate books from owners all the time. We've always got thousands of books in this subject area, so you can buy used real estate textbooks whenever the need arises. Look out for examples such as Millionaire Real Estate Agent; Real Estate Market Analysis: A Case Study Approach; LSTA's Complete Credit Agreement Guide; and Finance for Real Estate Development. You can always find the affordable books you really need here: there is no need to pay more when we have the deals that will suit your pocket. Make sure you don't struggle on whatever budget you have when there is no need to.

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Real Estate Math Demystified by Mooney, Steven P. ISBN: 9780071481380 List Price: $21.95
Real Estate Developers Handbook How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Financially Successful ... by Davis, Tanya, Carlin, Jay S... ISBN: 9781601380340 List Price: $29.95
In Search of Paradise: Middle-class Living in a Chinese Metropolis by Zhang, Li ISBN: 9780801475627 List Price: $23.95
Homeowner's Association Management: Managing Common Interest Developments (Cids) - Walter Ro... by Huber, Walter Roy, Tyler, Kim ISBN: 9780916772468 List Price: $59.50
Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide by Cyr, John E., Sobeck, Joan ... ISBN: 9780793131556 List Price: $47.88
Real Estate Market Valuation and Analysis by Kahr, Joshua, Thomsett, Mic... ISBN: 9780471655268 List Price: $75.00
Real Estate Finance and Investments by Brueggeman, William B., Fis... ISBN: 9781428812482 List Price: $14.95
Real Estate Transactions: Examples & Explanations 5e by Burke ISBN: 9780735588554 List Price: $49.95
Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Coops and Condos in New York City by Binder, Neil J. ISBN: 9780967924946 List Price: $14.95
Georgia Exam Prep by Kaplan Publishing Staff ISBN: 9781419506574
Place You Love Is Gone Progress Hits Home by Pierson, Melissa Holbrook ISBN: 9780393329285 List Price: $14.95
Real Estate Broker Exam by LearningExpress Staff ISBN: 9781576855843 List Price: $34.95
Real Estate Field Manual An Official Selling Guide by Nash-Price, Barbara ISBN: 9780324654080 List Price: $37.95
Real Estate Brokerage 7E by Cyr, John E., McAdams, Laur... ISBN: 9781427766403 List Price: $49.33
How to Make Money on Foreclosures by Evans, Denise L. ISBN: 9781572485204 List Price: $16.95
The Rise and Fall of the US Mortgage and Credit Markets by Barth, James R., Li, Tong, ... ISBN: 9780470477243 List Price: $60.00
Tips and Traps When Selling a Home by Irwin, Robert ISBN: 9780071508391 List Price: $18.95
The American Bar Association Complete Personal Legal Guide by American Bar Association Staff ISBN: 9780375723025 List Price: $22.95
Dictionary of Real Estate Terms by Friedman, Jack P., Harris, ... ISBN: 9780764139369 List Price: $13.99
Fund. of Real Estate Appraisal - With CD by Ventolo, William L., Jr., W... ISBN: 9781427778741 List Price: $56.85
Sell Now! The End of the Housing Bubble by Talbott, John R. ISBN: 9780312357887 List Price: $14.95
Making Big Money Investing in Real Estate Without Tenants, Banks, or Rehab Projects by Conti, Peter, Finkel, David ISBN: 9780793154159 List Price: $18.95
Your New House The Alert Consumer's Guide to Buying and Building a Quality Home by Fields, Alan S., Fields, De... ISBN: 9780962655623 List Price: $11.95
Mastering the Australian Housing Market by Lindeman, John ISBN: 9781742468525 List Price: $33.95
Professional Real Estate Development The ULI guide To The Business by Peiser, Richard B., Frej, Anne ISBN: 9780874208948 List Price: $99.95
Compre Su Casa Ahora / Buy Your House Now by Cortes, Luis ISBN: 9780743288057 List Price: $6.99
First Time Home Owners Handbook A Complete Guide And Workbook for the First Time Home Buyer by Adamaitis, Joe, Atlantic Pu... ISBN: 9780910627702 List Price: $29.95
Your Successful Real Estate Career by Edwards, Kenneth W. ISBN: 9780814473191 List Price: $18.95
South of 49: The Canadian Guide to Buying Residential Real Estate in the United States by McKernan, Philip, Sampson, ... ISBN: 9780470161319 List Price: $34.95
Mortgages for Dummies by Tyson, Eric, Brown, Ray ISBN: 9780764571923 List Price: $16.99
Reverse Mortgages for Dummies by Lucas, John E., Lyons, Sara... ISBN: 9780764584466 List Price: $16.99
Essentials of Real Estate Finance, 12th Edition by Sirota, David, Barrell, Doris ISBN: 9781427785930 List Price: $51.65
The Homeowners Guide to For Sale By Owner: Everything You Need to Know to Sell Your Home You... by Bondanza, Jackie, Thomas, J... ISBN: 9781601381279 List Price: $29.95
First-Time Landlord: Your Guide to Renting Out a Single-Family Home by Stewart, Marcia, Bray, Ilon... ISBN: 9781413316278 List Price: $24.99
Mortgages For Dummies by Tyson, Eric, Brown, Ray ISBN: 9780470379967 List Price: $16.99
Tips and Traps When Buying a Home by Irwin, Robert ISBN: 9780071508414 List Price: $18.95
Selling Your House in a Tough Market: 10 Strategies That Work by Schroeder, Alayna, Bray, Ilona ISBN: 9781413313833 List Price: $24.99
Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit by Bayer, Heather ISBN: 9781551807331 List Price: $15.95
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