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Whenever you want to buy used finance textbooks you want to come to us. We know how big our collection of pre-owned text books is, and we want you to have easy access to it now. We have books such as Essentials of Investments; Principles of Corporate Finance; Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness; and Essentials of Corporate Finance. There are plenty of introductory text books here as well as those that go into a lot more detail. This means it doesn't matter what your level of knowledge is because there will always be an affordable book here for you. You also have the ability to sell your finance books back when they don't serve your needs any more. Check out the rental and purchase prices so you know what you should expect, and get ready for some serious savings for college. When you have our website you have the ability to keep more cash.

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Smart Savings and Financial Planning by Mooney, Carla ISBN: 9781448882595
How Deflation Affects You by Hollander, Barbara Gottfried ISBN: 9781448883424
How Interest Rates, Credit Ratings, and Lending Affect You by Prentzas, G. S. ISBN: 9781448883462
2011 CFSA EXAMETRIX Pocket Notes for the financial services auditor Exam by ExAMETRIX ISBN: 9781463697334 List Price: $15.95
Insurance Words and Their Meanings : A Glossary of Insurance Terms by Hicks, Bruce D., Rough Note... ISBN: 9781564613134
Market Dynamics : The Mechanics of Financial Engineering by Grisafi, Steven J. ISBN: 9781589826991
Dalil Mizan Al-Madfuat Wa-Wad Al-Istithmar Al-Duwali by International Monetary Fund... ISBN: 9781589068131
White Collar Crime in the Mutual Fund Industry by Peterson, Andrew ISBN: 9781593325169
5-Minute Debt Solution : Get Out of Debt and Stay Out Forever by Hendrickson, Chris ISBN: 9781600374319
Math for Financial Literacy by Knowlton, Todd, Gray, Paul ... ISBN: 9781605257860
Research at the IMF : Relevance and Utilization by Lamdany, Ruben, Internation... ISBN: 9781616351540
Highway Funding : Alternatives and the Highway Trust Fund by Peck, Clint, Battle, Tomas ISBN: 9781619424197
Credit Rating Agencies : Regulation and Reform Act Review by Bilson, Ryan G., Delacour, ... ISBN: 9781621004196 List Price: $125.00
Bonds of Debt by Dienst, Richard ISBN: 9781844676910
Homeowners Coverage Guide by Richardson, Diane ISBN: 9781936362448
Guide to Audits of Financial Institutions by Carmichael, Douglas R., Wil... ISBN: 9780764605086 List Price: $278.00
Momentum Change Preston 1991-95 E by Preston, Paschal ISBN: 9780821333341
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