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Often, readers tend to be more interested in real life experiences. Luckily, biography and autobiography books take you on a journey through the lives of others so that you may learn about their experiences firsthand. These books are often inspiring, motivating, interesting or simply good reads. Notably, Valore Books houses biographies of some of the famous people in history.

Biographies and autobiography books are usually popular because they generate much interest in their target audience; when such books chronicle the famous, readers cannot wait to grab the books in order to discover the inside stories of their lives. Reading about someone's triumphs, joys, struggles and failures is a learning experience in itself, and these books hold unique value: they are not just fictional stories or pieces of imagination, but true accounts that positively and powerfully influence each reader.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, successful entrepreneurs and others from diverse walks of life have their biographies and autobiography books on the market, and they are all available at Valore Books. Sometimes, biographies and autobiographies focus on certain personal struggles, and they often reflect on how to lead a successful life. With this in mind, you can also read biography and autobiography books from less famous authors, which are also quite insightful.

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Bodies of Evidence : The Practice of Queer Oral History by Boyd, Nan Alamilla, Roque R... ISBN: 9780199890668 List Price: $99.00
How I Got This Way by Philbin, Regis ISBN: 9780062109781 List Price: $24.99
How I Got This Way by Philbin, Regis ISBN: 9780062109774 List Price: $15.99
Lil Wayne : (An Unauthorized Biography) by Brown, Jake ISBN: 9780098249222
Hawke : The Prime Minister by D'Alpuget, Blanche ISBN: 9780522858518
C.F.W. Walther, Churchman and Theologian by Barnbrock, Christoph ISBN: 9780758625601
Behind the Lens by Community Advocate ISBN: 9780615524511 List Price: $15.99
Life's Like A Rollercoaster : Learning how to enjoy the Ride by Sutton, Daniel ISBN: 9780615522593 List Price: $14.99
Kerouac in Florida : Where the Road Ends by Kealing, Bob ISBN: 9780615523545 List Price: $20.00
You Don't Know Where I Came From by Condo, Barbara ISBN: 9780615523422 List Price: $19.95
REALationship Breakdown Philly Style : Based on Real Life Experiences by Philly Style ISBN: 9780615524047 List Price: $19.99
Mirror of Perfection : A Collection of Franciscan Saints by Courtright, Frances ISBN: 9780615532523 List Price: $39.95
Clara Barton : Angel of the Battlefield by Santos, Michelle ISBN: 9780615528267 List Price: $6.99
Ghandi : This Far by God by Trendy Africa Publishing llc ISBN: 9780615530550 List Price: $24.99
Richard Bentley : Poetry and Enlightenment by Haugen, Kristine Louise ISBN: 9780674061002 List Price: $39.95
Misunderstood : A Scar for Life by Qrky Publications ISBN: 9780646561400 List Price: $22.95
You Can't Eat Dirt : Leading America's First All-Women Tribal Council and How We Changed Pal... by Fan Palm Research Project ISBN: 9780615495590 List Price: $75.00
Don't Erase Your Dreams by Cooper W., Joe ISBN: 9780615471020 List Price: $10.00
Golf Widow : A Memoir by Julian, Kim ISBN: 9780615469256 List Price: $16.99
Eight Lives of Al Ka-Bong Leong by Leong, Al ISBN: 9780615384993 List Price: $25.00
Hyper to Holy : How Jesus Touched the Life of a Housewife by Mouliert, Gwen ISBN: 9780615412559 List Price: $10.00
Alfons Mucha's Slav Epic : An Artist's History of the Slavic People by McCaa Publications, Jr. ISBN: 9780615194721 List Price: $40.00
Golf Widow : A Memoir by Robert Beck, Julian, Kim ISBN: 9780615521886 List Price: $22.95
Bubba Meinses : Grandma Stories by Porter Sebolsky, Nettie, Se... ISBN: 9780615514239 List Price: $5.00
Jermel's Raison D'être : Jermel's Reason for Being Justification for Existence by Taylor, Thessodena, 1st ISBN: 9780615511672 List Price: $19.99
My journey to Justice by Cox, Mary E. Blevins ISBN: 9780615509273 List Price: $19.95
Tales from the Bench by Thompson, Francis ISBN: 9780615502915 List Price: $10.00
Who Was Samuel Morse? by Cassel, Melissa ISBN: 9780741466457 List Price: $8.95
Charles de Gaulle's Legacy of Ideas by Rowland, Benjamin M. ISBN: 9780739164549
Dances in Two Worlds : A Writer-Artist's Backstory by Simonsen, Thordis, Sr., Sim... ISBN: 9780962976674 List Price: $28.00
Not Your Average American Girl by Beatty, Christine ISBN: 9780963740625 List Price: $14.99
Marcia's Marvelous Adventure by Lievense, Marcia ISBN: 9780963279774 List Price: $14.99
Peter of Damascus : Byzantine Monk and Spiritual Theologian by Peters, Greg, Pontifical In... ISBN: 9780888441751
Our Journey by Walters, Johnnie M. ISBN: 9780979646256
Turning Points : 35 Visionaries in Education Tell Their Own Stories by Mintz, Mintz, Jerry, Ricci,... ISBN: 9780974525259
Beautiful Are Their Feet Celebrating Ministries and Gifts by Samuel DeWitt Proctor Confe... ISBN: 9780976514503 List Price: $10.00
Blue Horse, Red Desert : The Art of Tom Russell by Russell, Tom ISBN: 9780982860120 List Price: $39.95
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